Job [lead] - Greg Stigter

Executive, destroyed, passionate, redeemed:

The greatest man among all the people of the east. (7 sons and 3 daughters). Job has a depth of integrity that unsettles his friends. He is in constant pain and his main focus is on his God. Many sections of his dialogue are prayers and he is the only character who “doesn’t give a rip” about “airs-and-graces”. Job is thoughtful of his friends and aware of when he “steps over the line”…but, because Job’s whole life is “over the line” he does not mince any words.

Job’s Wife - Wendy Cole

Stunning, aggressive and angry:
Job’s wife is glorious in beauty at the start of the film, but transforms as Satan uses her to try to get Job to “curse God and die”. At the end of the film, all her makeup and trappings are removed and we see her and Job reconciled with beautiful babies.  We know that she is dark skinned as her children (at the end of the ordeal) are named “Cinnamon” as a reference to skin colour.

Eliphaz [featured lead] - Brendan Donaghue

Critical, accusatory, judgmental:
Act five – scene two humble, quiet endearing, loving
Act five – scene three Eliphaz has a shadow dream sequence. He then becomes offended, accusing, condemning and a “know-it-all”.

Bildad [featured lead] - Nick Frost 

Intellectual, aloof, Religious, small minded:
A descendant (or follower) of Shuah, son of Abraham and Keturah, whose family lived in the deserts of Arabia.
Act five – scene four: Sympathetic, but imploring, like an Aussie farmer. He then turns to his companions and starts to “grandstand” before them, airing his opinions. He then develops his speech into an aggressive accusation of Job with a complete disregard of Job’s suffering (page 21)
Zophar [featured lead] - Dennis Cole
Fatherly, insulted, Angry and Arrogant:
Zophar suggests that Job's suffering could be divine punishment. Zophar is found in The Old Testament in the book of Job, chapter 20. Zophar goes into great detail about the consequences of living a life of sin. Angry, arrogant and without mercy. At one point he starts crying “crocodile tears” with a hand on job’s shoulder.  Approaches job boldly while he lies prostrate on the ground and shouts angry insults as he stands over him.

Elihu [featured lead] - Jason Blaiklock

The youngest, passionate, intense, desperate:
Descended from Nahor (Job 32:2, 34:1). He is said to have descended from Buz who may be from the line of Abraham (Genesis 22:20-21 mentions Buz as a nephew of Abraham).Chapters 32 through 37 of the Book of Job consist entirely of Elihu's speech to Job. He is never mentioned again after the end of this speech. “Then elihu lost his temper. He blazed out in anger against job for pitting his righteousness against god's. He was also angry with the three friends because they had neither come up with an answer nor proved job wrong”. Elihu had waited with job while they spoke because they were all older than he. But when he saw that the three other men had exhausted their arguments, he exploded with pent-up anger.  Speaks with a boldness and authority that shame his friends into further stunned silence.