Investor Kit

Each of the contacts below have shown preliminary interest in the project. This would be “subject to” a final broadcast quality and excellence in production.

National Distribution
Christian Radio is extremely strong in Australia with an audience of over 1 million people each week or over 3 million each month.

UCB Radio  has a national Distribution Network of over 400 radio stations in Australia. The director also has a unique position to be able to offer sales AND promotion through the “Word for Today” magazine. This powerful combination enables radio promotion to be backed up by a “call-to-action” through the same network. UCB also offer a fulfilment service if required.

Profit Share Arrangement: 50%/50% split on margin on gross sales (after royalty),

International Distribution

United States:      TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network)
New Zealand: Radio Rhema New Zealand
Middle East: Arabic Translation Al Hayat CMTV P/L (Christian Media TV)
Kingdom Sat: Leading The Way International – J.Youssef
SE Asia: Bhasa Translation IMercy – Paulus Wiratnau
China: Chinese Translation God TV Australia – W.Knapman

Marketing (DVD, Soundtrack)      Feb 2014
Domestic DVD Release March 2014
Foreign DVD Release (US) March 2014
Domestic Home Video April 2014
Foreign Home Video May 2014
US Domestic Cable TV September 2014
Australian Foreign Cable TV October 2014
Domestic Network February 2014
Foreign Network March 2014
Market Research

Release: 2006

International best-selling film; winner of the 5-star Dove; will premiere on TBN Still in sales period cycle.

Reasons for Success:
• World’s first apologetic film
• Stars Stephen Baldwin, Tom Sizemore, Jack Scalia
• Theatrical release around the world
• Winner Dove Award

RiverRain Productions produced The Genius Club in 2006 with a budget under $2
million. The film is also one of the top selling DVDs in Japan, Mexico, Canada, and

Release: 2008

#1 Christian movie in America; Official movie for the Alive Music Festival (largest Christian music festival in the U.S.); winner of the 4-star Dove; As seen on Fox Morning News, NBC News; best-selling dvd in early-release

Reasons for Success:
• Stays true to the Word of God;
• Extensive Facebook and television campaigns
• Over 2,000,000 million Facebooks impressions;
• Theatrical release
• Winner Dove Award

RiverRain Productions produced Live Fast, Die Young in 2008 with a small budget
of less than $200,000. The film has sold over 18,000 early release DVDs in just 8
weeks (US) and has sold 5,000 in Australia will recoup it’s money before the actual
street date.

Release: 2004
Box office: $370 million domestic; $611 million worldwide

Reasons for Success:
• Based on the Bible;
• Uncompromising view of Christ;
• Galvanized churches across the country;
• Large grass roots movement

Similarity to JOB:
A radical departure from the “traditional” picture of Jesus on the cross. This film depicts Jesus in all pain and agony with a realistic look at the incredible beating he recieved. Job has exactly the same “shock value” as this bible based film.

Release: 2007
Box office: $31 million

Reasons for Success:
• Hymn struck a chord with Christians
• Redemption
• Religious leader in William Wilberforce

Similarity to JOB
This film is another example of the rapidly growing and “grassroots” Christian film audience. The Christian film industry has been described as similar to the Christian music industry in the 1970’s. The phenomenal growth of this industry in a relatively short period of time is expected.

Release: 2006
Box office: $13.5 million

Reasons for Success:
• Based on the Book of Esther
• Marketed to the churches
• Grass roots movement

Similarity to JOB:
Job is Biblically-based and combines the compelling narrative of a personal drama with exact biblical translation.

In 2006, nearly 50 Judeo-Christian-faith films were produced. The films grossed an average $39 million. All five of the major Hollywood studios have created marketing departments to target the growing demand for faith-based and family fare. Movieguide publisher Ted Baehr said, "There is competition for the Christian audience now that there hasn't been before. I thought at some point it would level off, but so far it's getting bigger and bigger. It's more than I could have possibly imagined. One of the audiences that has become stable and even grown for books, music and movies is the Christian audience."

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The Company is seeking to raise $50,000.00. It is expected that this amount shall be raised by the Company making personal offers of 5 units at $10,000 each.