Job is powerful, prosperous, righteous, respected, family man.

There is none like him in his land. He is a man to be reared and respected and has millions of dollars of assets at his disposal with hundreds of staff.

A scene in heaven unfolds. satan appears with the host of angels and
Challenges the integrity of man before the court of God.

God accepts the challenge and allows the hand of satan to be moved against Job.

In a day Job is wiped out. Everything lost, family and fortune destroyed Job maintains his integrity. Humbled, head shaven and dressed in rags Job refuses to curse God. Job is victorious, “round one to God”.

Satan, a powerful adversary presents his case again, arguing that the flesh must be destroyed before a true verdict can be reached.

Again God allows a level of suffering that is shocking in it’s intensity and what it suggests about the “justice” of God. This is gory, nasty stuff. “boils from head to foot’, maggots and pain. Yet Job remains true.

Enter Job’s 3 friends (plus +1 youth). The discourse that follows is epic in its heartfelt passion and failed application of most of the (now contemporary) counselling methods. Yet all the worldly, commonly accepted advice of Jobs friends falls short at touching the heart of this man who (by now) is in the deepest, darkest depression and despair.

But this is God’s story, and no man, or demonic prince will outsmart, outwit or outdo the king of all creation.

In an incredible “whirlwind” revelation of himself, all of creation is humbled before the creator, and in the face of such a magnificent God Job is restored in a moment and his fortunes increased.