How would you handle it if
God and Satan made a “bet” about you?

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The importance of this story and script

The bible is, and always has been, an international best seller. It is a little known fact that the bible has been removed from most “best-seller” lists. This is because bible continues to outsell most of the “#1 bestsellers”.

A key aim of this production is to faithfully and accurately “translate” the bible into film. To really grasp the importance of this process could take up pages of historical, theological and sociological dialogue, but to put it simply it was the translation of the bible from Latin to English that took the world out of the dark ages!

We live in a culture that has lost interest and respect for the bible, God and the principles of the Christian faith. This film does not attempt to address this and ‘convert the world’, but what we are attempting to do is translate the scriptures into film.

This is the first and most important principle. Recently the bible was translated into sound in the The Bible experience Project. This project went on to become the #1 fastest selling audio book of all time.

There is something compelling and powerful about the bible. It is enduring and despite it’s obviously offensive bluntness it continues to succeed whenever it is presented faithfully and accurately. This principal makes the production goals, aims, style and focus very easy: “Stick to the script”. So our aim has a much deeper and more enduring purpose.  

The revelation of God
In these pages is the single longest “first person” narrative that God has given (about himself) in any of the pages of the bible. For this reason, and the simple fact that this book is accepted as “scripture” by the major faiths of the world is a compelling enough reason for it’s production.

Multi faith/multi cultural
Job is recognised as prophet Ayoub by the Muslims, and by the Jews. The extensive ‘narrative’ style of the script is acceptable to middle eastern cultures who still value the storytelling tradition. We expect this story to have great success throughout the middle east and the third world.

Simplicity of style and production
For western cultures the ‘long-form’ style of this film will immediately place it into the “art-house’ category. The temptation would always be there to modernise the script to make it more palatable to a 21st century culture, however this is not the purpose of this production. The script will do all the work. There will be criticism of the length of the dialogue and the simplicity of the production, but those who are engaged will become immensely loyal supporters of this project.


Project Background

How would you handle it if God and Satan made a “bet” about you?
Often misquoted  or misunderstood, the book of Job is a compelling battle matching God against Satan, man against  God and a man against himself.

The story is set against a background if incredible suffering and intense personal pain, while, behind the scenes another drama unfolds, the hidden realm of the spirit where unknowable answers are finally revealed.

This film will shatter misconceptions about the nature of God and “acts of God” placing the blame for humanities suffering truly where it belongs and revealing the incredible nature and character of a living God.

For a short video treatment on YouTube:

Quick Synopsis

Job is an incredibly successful businessman: a president, king or “media mogul”. He is perfect in all of his ways and protected by God. In an attempt to prove the faithfulness of fallen human love, God allows satan to unleash hell on unsuspecting Job.

The dialogue that follows between Job and his friends echoes the “advice”, explanations and “excuses” that all of us have been guilty of trusting in times of trouble and a conclusion that forces any believe to adjust themselves to God and not visa versa.
A 20th Century media Translation of the Bible.
“Job” will attempt to show the passion, pain, suffering and agony that is clearly depicted in the original text. Scabs “from head to foot” with “maggots eating the flesh” combined with “friends” who “scream” and “yell” at Job full of passion that is easily missed in a cursory glance at the manuscript.

Quick Facts

Budget of movie: $50,000 (Aus)
Minimum Investment Unit: $10,000 (Aus)
Pre-Production Began    March 2010
Start Principal Photography: March 2013
Shooting Duration: 1 Week
Location: MANLY DAM

Production Schedule